Peter Wooding, the younger son of Dan and Norma, is the News Editor for United Christian Broadcasters raido network in the UK. He lives in North Wales with his wife Sharon and three daughters.


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Growing Up In An Unusal Family
By Peter Wooding
The first vivid memories of my childhood are of when we moved to Walton-on-Thames in Surrey in the south of England at the tender age of four. We lived there for ten years, until I was 14. I have very fond memories of growing up on the estate where we lived with lots of friends to play with. I loved my primary and middle school Cleves, where the children of some well-known celebrities would go.

Speaking of celebrities I always enjoyed going along to some of my dad’s interviews for the Sunday People newspaper, including visiting the homes of Barbara Windsor, Diana Dors, and even Cliff Richard. I have to confess myself and my older brother, Andrew, were a bit of an embarrassment when we snuck up to Cliff’s bedroom and raided his cupboards. The most notorious visit though I only discovered recently, was going to the home of the Kray twins and having tea with their mum.

Thankfully I was too young during that time to realize some of the dangerous stories my dad was pursuing, the death threats he’d received as well as the risky world-wide travel he was involved with.

I showed early signs of following in my dad’s footsteps as a broadcaster and a journalist. My dream was to be a sports writer and my dad would often take me to see his favorite football team Birmingham City, and he’d give me extra pocket money if I’d write a report on the game. Also whenever my parents would go out for the evening, my brother and I would record our own radio program, called Our Show. Andrew would record me playing pranks with people who we’d randomly phone up and we’d invite some friends round and have eating competitions. As you can tell this is when I started to develop my bizarre sense of humor, which is quite a trait in the family as we all love Monty Python and Spike Milligan, well except for my mum.

I also have fond memories of regular family holidays to English beach resorts of Weston-super-Mare and Blackpool, Spain and particularly California, where we ended up moving to in 1982. That was a dream come true for me, having such a fascination with American culture. I was a bit shy when we first moved to the States, but joining a local soccer team helped me to make friends. In High School I continued to show signs of following in my dad’s footsteps when I became the school’s newspaper editor, and received an award for excellence in journalism.

I now live in North Wales with my wife Sharon and three daughters, and I’m the senior news editor for United Christian Broadcasters radio network in the UK, and I have a lot to thank both my parents for where I am today.

I always felt they believed in me and would give me the freedom to take risks and make mistakes, especially when I went through my rebellious phase in college. Now that I’m the father of three beautiful young girls, I’m starting to understand how hard it must have been to let me go. I’m also grateful that as well as inheriting my father’s passion for soccer, journalism and travel, I’ve also inherited some of my mother’s compassion, generosity, dedication and sensitivity to others.

Most of all though what’s really bonded us together as a family is our Christian faith and our heart for worldwide missions. Both myself and my brother ended up serving with the same missionary organization Youth With A Mission, and Open Doors with Brother Andrew which has given all of us a great perspective on what God is doing around the world.

And after writing up reports for my dad during the Birmingham City football games as a young boy, in more recent times we’ve been traveling together on reporting trips to such fascinating places as Dubai and St Petersburg in Russia. It’s amazing watching the two different sides to my dad, the quiet recluse when he’s at home on his computer, to the extreme extrovert when he’s doing what he loves most, international journalism. I love both sides to him, and hope I can accomplish at least a small amount of what my parents have done in their unique lives.

My parents continue to challenge me in their trust in God as they continue ASSIST Ministries with no salary, and yet the Lord has used them to minister to thousands and thousands of lives.

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